G. Beres Marketing 1983 Ltd.
(“The Company”)
Rules Sales Terms

  1. Sale of products and services (hereinin – the “Products”) by the company, related companies and subsidiaries
    Its (hereinever – the “Company”) are subject to these General Terms of Acquaintance (hereininever – the “Agreement”) and are an integral part
    Separate from any quotes and/or booking confirmations and/or execution confirmations and/or receipts and/or any document or
    Other communication between the company and the purchaser (herein is the “contracting documents with the company”). It should be emphasized that if not
    Otherwise expressly and writtenly agreed by the Company, this Agreement is an integral part of the Engagement
    and will apply to any such communication.
  2. The terms and information contained in the “Company Contact Documents” and this Agreement are for personality
    The legality specified as the other party to the agreement in the “Contracting Documents with the Company” (hereininin – “The Purchaser”),
    and will charge the purchaser any current and/or future communications regarding the Company’s products, unless
    Expressly agreed in other writing by the Company.
  3. The current connection as well as any future communications between the company and the purchaser will be subject to agreement
    Under the terms of this Agreement and in the “Contracting Documents with the Company”, including purchase price and payment terms and purchaser
    May not change, add on, condition on or cancel these Terms in part or in full.
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that, the specified, if specified, time of supply in the “Communication Documents with
    The company” is only an estimated time and is not a binding date. The company will not be under a duty to provide the
    Products at the estimated time of delivery and will bear no responsibility for damages and/or costs and/or expenses
    Caused, directly or indirectly, to the purchaser as a result of failure to meet the specified estimated delivery date
    In the “company contact documents.”
  5. Prices (IN US dollars and/or EUR and/or NIS) and payment terms will be as specified in the “Documents”
    The company’s relevant engagement. The purchaser will transfer to the company, prior to the transfer of the products and as a condition
    Transfer them, bank credit note, bank guarantee or other safe as required by the company
    In the “company contact documents.”
  6. Unless otherwise specified in the “Contracting Documents with the Company,” the purchaser undertakes to pay for any expenses
    purchase of products and services, including shipping expenses (sea transport or atmospheres or otherwise),
    Storage, insurance, accommodation and stay (PERSL), and any other incidental payments in connection with the purchase and delivery of
  7. The company will send the products by courier of the purchaser’s choice which will be used, for this matter, as an agency
    of the purchaser in favor of transferring the products to the purchaser and the purchaser will bring any claim for damage or loss generated
    During the delivery of the product against the courier and not against the company.
  8. Prices listed in the “Company Contact Documents” do not include applicable taxes, between
    State or local, including VAT, customs, sales tax, purchase tax, etc. The company will be
    May deduct tax at source, as long as necessary by law, unless the purchaser invents for the company, for satisfaction
    Her wishes, a valid authorization for exemption from the payment of such taxes. Prices are in exchange for products only
    and do not include taxes, surcharges and any charges, fees, shipping charges or other mandatory payments which
    Imposed or imposed by any third party. The purchaser will be solely responsible for all taxes
    And the hoardings, however.
  9. Without prejudice to the company’s existing remedies by law, any amount specified in the “contracting documents with
    The company” which will not be paid on time as required will pay monthly arrears interest at the lowest rate of two
    And half a percent per month (2.5 percent) and the maximum interest rate allowed by law.
    10 . The purchaser will comply and act in accordance with legislation, orders, regulations and regulations relevant to the import, sediment
    and using products.
    11 . All products delivered to the purchaser will be left to the company’s property until the purchaser pays the proceeds
    Full for those products, as set out in the “Communication Documents with the Company”.
    12 . Subject to normal use of the products, the Company warrants defects in the Products for a period of
    Six (6) months from the date the product was shipped to the purchaser (hereinium – the “Warranty Period”). The company is not
    declares that: a) the use of the Product will be free of interruptions and defects; b) Use of the product in combination or together
    With another product, which was not provided by the company will act according to the set in the product documents. This Limited Warranty
    The products are provided solely for the benefit of the original purchaser and cannot be transferred and/or checked. Not
    The right will be given to a person who is not the original purchaser of the product to claim and/or use the purchaser’s name
    In the rights or favors granted under this limited warranty to the purchaser. The Company, during the Warranty Period
    Limited and at its sole discretion, you will repair or replace the Products, at its own expense, if
    Decide that the product sold is defective and that the defect was created at the sole fault of the company, provided the purchaser
    Informed the company in advance of such a defect, brought proof of purchase of the product and returned the product to the company
    Along with paying the shipping expenses in advance to the company. If after reviewing the returned product, the company
    Found that the product is not defective or alternatively that the defect is not covered by the limited warranty, the company does not
    You will be required to repair or replace the product, in the event that the company sends the product back to the purchaser,
    In such a case, he will be responsible for covering the expenses of testing, unloading and re-packaging the product.
    Shipped by the company. The purchaser will bear full responsibility for loss or damage during shipping for any shipment
    A product that is returned by him to the company as well as any product that has not been found to be defective and shipped back to the purchaser by
    13 . The limited warranty mentioned in Section 12 above is the only existing remedy for any violation of
    Warranty by the company and/or any defect in the product. This Limited Warranty is any other, express warranty
    Either implied or by law, including responsibility for adapting the product to the needs of the purchaser. Limited Warranty
    The above will not apply to products that have not been fully tested or partially tested
    Only, unsemared products, model products and prototype models, provided to the purchaser by the company.
    Without any responsibility of any kind. (“AS IS”) All products are supplied in their physical condition
    14 . The existing remedies for the purchaser and the responsibility imposed on the company for the products will be limited to warranty
    which is only explicit in the “Contracting Documents with the Company”.
    15 . Under no circumstances are the Company or its board members, directors, employees or representatives (hereininia below – “the parties
    The Company”) will not be liable for any special, indirect, exceptional, incidental and resulting damage (including loss of use, information,
    Business, revenue, profits, or other economic damage), regardless of how it is caused, which comes up in connection or as a result
    With the “Contracting Documents with the Company” and/or this Agreement, this is also in the event that the Company and/or the Parties
    The company knew that the possibility of such damage would be caused or likely to be caused and also if the existing drugs were under
    The “Contracting Documents with the Company” and/or this Agreement did not meet their primary need. And yes, Wembley.
    To prejudice the foregoing in no way will the Company and/or the parties to the Company bear any responsibility for damage
    No sighting whatsoever.
    16 . The products are not designed, manufactured or intended for use, and must not be used or sold for use,
    In high-risk products when a failure to use a product can result in injury or death or injury
    Severe mental or environmental. Includes but is not limited to uses such as: a) resuscitation devices or instrumentation
    Medical of a similar nature b) air control or aviation navigation devices or contact systems c) equipment
    Control of nuclear device (hereinever the “limited uses”). All Limited Uses
    The above are strictly prohibited and will automatically revoke warranty and indemnity
    Awarded by the company and will release the company from all its obligations to provide product support.
    17 . In no event is the Company’s overall liability for claims, of any kind, in aggregate, between Begin and Jose,
    Indemnity, liability, torts or any other grounds submitted in connection with the “Contracting Documents with the Company”
    and/or this Agreement and any of the Company’s products or services will not exceed the cumulative amount paid to the Company
    By purchasing for those products and/or services.
    18 . No claim, regardless of its claim, against the Company, for allegedly violating the “communication documents with
    The Company” and/or this Agreement will not be submitted by the purchaser 12 months after the date of the document for which
    The lawsuit is filed.
    19 . The Company will not be held responsible for the non-fulfillment of its obligations set forth in the “Contracting Documents with
    The Company” and/or this Agreement for reasons beyond its reasonable control (e.g., among other things, actions of
    Force majeure, acts or omissions of the purchaser, natural disasters or disasters from the hand of a person, epidemics or crises
    Medical, material shortages, strikes, acts of terrorism, wars, embargoes, transport delays, or lack of
    Ability to obtain a workforce or materials from its normal sources). Any delay in fulfilling the Company’s obligations
    The reasons listed in this section will be limited to the period in which the reason for the delay exists.
    20 . The company and the purchaser will do everything in their power to bridge disagreements that will be raised as a result or in connection with
    “Documents of engagement with the Company” and/or this Agreement between them. In case the company and the purchaser don’t show up
    For agreements between them, they agree to the unique jurisdiction of the competent courts in the district.
    Tel Aviv Yafo in connection with any dispute that will be in connection with the “communication documents with the Company” and/or
    This agreement.
    21 . This Agreement will apply exclusively to the laws of the State of Israel and will be interpreted in the laws of these laws.
    22 . In the event of conflicts between this Agreement (including the “Contracting Documents with the Company”) and the Addendum
    and the add-ons related to any other agreement between the Company and the purchaser regarding the current transaction between the parties
    “The contracting documents with the Company” and/or this Agreement will prevail. In case of conflict between “documents”
    “The engagement with the Company to this Agreement will prevail in this Agreement.
    23 . The purchaser may not transfer or protest any part or all of his rights or obligations under “Documents”.
    The communication with the Company” and/or this Agreement without prior written consent by the Company.

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