G. Beres Marketing Ltd. was founded in 1976 by Mr. Gershon Beres as a private company specializing in providing complete cable solutions and passive communications accessories to the telecom market. Today with over 40 years of experience, G.Beres Marketing is Israel’s largest and leading cables distributor and provides a wide range of innovations and solutions such as data communication cables, optical cables, telecoms, electronics, instrumentation, fire command and detection, control, signaling and electricity, equipment and end accessories, cabinets for server rooms and more.

Our customer base is the largest in the Israeli telecommunications market and has more than 1,500 companies in the fields of telecommunications, industry, engineering, integrators, SMB’s, contractors, government offices, start-ups, and private clients. The company represents international companies and brands while ensuring every product meets the highest standards including ISO 9001:2015 standards and laboratory approvals abroad. The company’s headquarters and the main logistics center are located in The Modi’in Area Industrial Park (10,000 sqm). In addition, G. Beres has another logistics center and other offices that are located in the Haifa branch (1,000 sqm) which contain large storage areas and provide access and immediate response to our customers all over the country.

G.Beres – a leading company with solutions that connect you to the future

Experience and reputation

The company provides solutions and consulting and has experience and reputation in supplying and marketing quality products that have been proven over 45 years of activity. The company provides service nationwide

Engineering and Development

The company has an engineering department that supports sales and projects that provides technical support and fast service that works with communications consultants and has a mix of many and varied products and solutions.

Authorization and Standardization

The company has high quality products in international standards including ISO 9001: 2015, standards and certifications of laboratories abroad

Service and support

The company has a large customer base with high inventory availability, “Ship to Stock” service and fast delivery and support for high availability around the clock


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